Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is in response to any concerns about Molo Petroleum's business continuity preparedness.

As an organization, our planning efforts are well-organized around business continuity and we are taking appropriate steps, including pandemic planning. These efforts are meant to protect the health and safety of our employees, mitigate business and operational disruptions for our customers, and to responsibly carry out our regulatory and contractual obligations. The business continuity is flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of events.

Our approach includes building contingency plans founded on "all hazard" crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery services. In general, this includes:

  • Identification of critical business functions and the staff required to operate these functions at time of event
  • Business continuity training and awareness programs for all Molo Petroleum employees
  • Triage of events and risk-based activation of plans
  • Telecommuting, cross-training of staff, alternative work-site arrangements and other adjustments to work practices as appropriate
  • Logistics and infrastructure support
  • Human Resources support
  • Support from vital external service providers and external business partners
  • Communications with external and internal audiences

Pandemic planning is integral to our overall preparedness. We have included this scenario in all our business unit team training exercises. We procure various preventive products to reduce or mitigate the spread of communicable diseases. Hand cleaners, surface cleaner and other sanitizing products are stored at various locations throughout our offices and are part of our deployment procedures. Disbursements of these products are included in our pandemic plans. Other solutions include work-from-home and social distancing in the workplace. During an event, our Disaster Management Team is invoked, and all activity is centrally managed.

The Disaster Management Team is responsible for managing all aspects of the business continuity and recovery activities, including initiating the immediate response portion of the business continuity plans, monitoring activities and making decisions as required. This team is led by senior management with support teams from Human Resources, Safety, Supply, Operations, Transportation, and Information Technology.

We are here to continue to serve you in the most effective and safe way. We are thankful for your business.

Glenn Hasken
Chief Operating Officer
Molo Petroleum, LLC